VCF® Vaginal Contraceptive Film® and Contraceptive Gel

The VCF contraceptive brand is the #1 Film contraceptive in America today. Both the Film and Gel are designed for comfort and offer a unique hormone-free form of birth control that is safe, effective, and easy to use. They contain the spermicide doctors recommend most, killing sperm on contact and is safe for breast-feeding moms. Although no birth control is 100% effective, any method that is used consistently and correctly will be more effective. One of VCF’s best features is that it is virtually undetectable by either partner after it dissolves, and is effective for up to 3 hours.

Over 200 million Films and 20 million Gel pre-filled applicators have been used worldwide with great success and are available in over 30,000 stores nationwide in the personal intimacy and family planning sections of your favorite store.

With VCF, you can feel good about being in control of your body and protecting yourself against unwanted pregnancy. Enjoy intimacy more with the knowledge that you can protect yourself from getting pregnant.

VCF® Vaginal Odor Eliminating Film

Feel fresh and be confident with VCF Vaginal Odor Eliminating Film – the only vaginal odor product that uses the unique VCF delivery system of a dissolving film. Convenient to use anytime, anywhere, this thin square of material is paraben free and laboratory tested, dissolving immediately upon easy insertion. Perfect for feeling fresh on the go, this feminine hygiene product is designed to eliminate vaginal odor and relieve feminine discomfort by maintaining a healthy vaginal pH level.

About Apothecus

Apothecus has been a leader in personal intimacy products for over three decades. We are extremely proud of the quality of products that our dedicated team of professionals produces.  The unique delivery systems we utilize are of the highest quality, allowing us to take a revolutionary approach to film technology advancements and provide vital products for women’s health. We take pride in innovation being the guiding force behind our brands.

Real science. Real Solutions. Real stories.

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